Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 45: Weights and a Good Walk

Hello one and all! I did my weights today before my first walk with Megan. I'm not sure how far we went, but it felt good to be outside, and talking to someone going through the same things as you are. It was a good walk. And afterwards, I bought four pounds of fresh strawberries, because it's summertime and that makes me crave fruit like crazy.

In other news, tomorrow I attempt a second run that bested me previously. 2 1/4 miles. Trying to get mentally ready for it, because I refuse to give up on it! If I'm well rested and hydrated, I don't see any reason I shouldn't be able to finish that run tomorrow. If I do it, I'll be thrilled. If not, I dust myself off and try again on Saturday. I finally feel like I get it. It's not about doing everything perfect the first time. It's about having the determination, and ultimately the self-respect, to continue trying in the wake of failure. You know how those Weight Watchers say that weight loss just "clicks?" I think I'm getting there.

Also... A big hello and thanks for reading to the lovely and hilarious Aphrodite! I'm so pleased to hear someone that isn't related to me has read all my posts :) Now I feel like I'm really talking to someone! So nice to have you here in cyberspace :)

That's all for me, folks. I'm really craving some more green beans and asparagus, hopefully I can make that happen with dinner! Have a great night, everybody!

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