Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 24: Easter "Deprivation" and Planning a Healthy Solo Dinner

Hello one and all! Today is day 3 of the 17 Day Diet, and I feel okay. I'm down another half inch in my waist since Sunday, cool beans! I don't think I'd do more than one cycle of this way of eating. There are other, less restrictive ways to eat right, like eating clean! And I much prefer that, in all honesty. I get bored really fast, so that works better for me. Plus, I miss my steel cut oats and clean pancakes, they filled me right up. Really stuck to the ribs, you know? Oh well, if this jump starts weight loss for me, I can stick to it for 17 days.

In other news, my parents will be out of town for the Easter weekend, so I'm trying to think of way to have holiday meals while staying in line with my eating. Dan's mom has asked me over for dinner at some point this weekend, and I'd love to say yes, but she's a great cook, and I don't know if I could resist all the things I shouldn't eat! She's willing to make a meal I can eat, but I don't want to put her out at all! So I've started thinking of things I can make for myself this weekend. I'm thinking on Easter Sunday I'll make a marinated turkey breast and mashed cauliflower. And maybe I'll make myself some spicy shredded chicken soup. I love spicy things, and I can have as much spice as I like! I'm definitely missing carbs at dinner time though. Oh well, only two more weeks!

Everybody seems a little concerned about Easter candy for me. I don't need or want any, so it's all good for me. And even if I do get some, I won't eat it (until this diet is over, anyways)! All things in moderation, right? Unless I'm trying to get my blood sugar all normal again. I just think about that when I miss things I can't eat, like french fries and burgers loaded up with toppings.

That's all for today, folks, have an excellent night!

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