Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 36: Working Out With a Partner and Finding Workout Buddies

Hello one and all! Back to weights today. Dan came over and did my supersets with me, so sweet! I had him beat with the leg stuff, but he definitely crushed me in the arm stuff! It was a great workout, even better with someone to compete with.

So I did manage to find someone who would be willing to walk/hike/jog with me too! My work friend, Megan. She's been on an incredible weight loss journey herself! I think she's lost about 50 pounds already! So awesome. I'm thrilled to have someone to walk with. We're thinking about maybe hiking up Knox Mountain, walking up Dilworth, maybe jogging by the creek near her house. It should be really awesome, I can't wait to start with her! I may even have another workout buddy, also from work! Her name is Simmi, and I told her today we should all walk together and she suggested doing that and maybe joining a kickboxing class, which sounds legit awesome! I'm so excited to continue on with two good friends.

That's all for me, kids, have a great night!

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