Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day Twenty: Looking Forward to Tomorrow's Cheat

Hello one and all! I just dragged my sweaty butt off the treadmill and out of our "exercise room" post ab workout and stretch. And today was crazy hard. I'm exhausted, I got up at 4 AM for work. Then I came home, and ran around town for a few hours with my parents. I can say completely honestly that I was seriously considering skipping this workout. After all, I kept telling myself, one day is one day, right? Well, for some people I'm sure that is a workable mentality. I really don't think it would be for me though. I mean, I've been there before. I think I just need a day off, then one day becomes two, then three, then a week, and then that's it for my diet and exercise. I don't want to do that to myself again. So I pushed through anyways.

And I feel better now! I think I'll have enough energy to last me until an early bedtime. So it's worth it there, right?

So tomorrow... I will be posting my three week results! Crazy, right? Can't believe it's been three weeks already, even blogging every day it just flew by. Also, I don't want to make you jealous, but I'm having flippin prime rib for dinner tomorrow. Aww yeah. We shopped for most of the 17 Day Diet stuff we need too. Chicken, egg whites, Greek yogurt, tons of vegetables, a bit of fruit... It really doesn't seem so bad. And if it gets my blood sugar under control, I'm all over it.

That's all for today, happy Saturday, kids!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Day Nineteen: Protein Shakes and Great Tunes

Hello one and all! Today was back to supersets. Good times! I added another set of calf exercises to this workout, because I want to see some definition in those puppies! I'd love to have legs that look toned and lean in heels. For now, I just look taller! Which isn't a bad thing either. I also decided that I would very much like a jump rope. I like to mix up my warm ups on weight days, and I think jumping rope would be a great warm up. Plus, it's great for your calves!

Today I decided to mix things up and listen to something that wasn't my exercise playlist. Today's album choice: Ceremonials by Florence + the Machine. Great music to lift weights to! I really enjoyed that part. Plus I am in love with Florence Welch's voice. I heard a rumor that Florence + the Machine are possibly first up in the return of Unplugged on MTV. If that's true, maybe there's hope for MTV after all!

In diet related news, I scoped out a bunch of recipes for the 17 Day Diet last night. I think I can do it. And with mom helping me, it'll be much easier. Sometimes I kind of flounder around on what I can eat. I find it hard to be creative without making a decadent cheese sauce... I'll have to work on that! So we're probably food shopping tomorrow or Sunday, and probably prepping food on Monday. I really like the idea of freezing a bunch of meals. It seems so convenient!

And only two more days until I post some horrifying pictures and embarrassing measurements and weights! So continue to stay tuned for that, friends. Happy Friday!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day Eighteen: Sweating Like a Pig and Hitting My Abs

Hello one and all! Today was another running day. It was a little easier today, which was nice. I'm still hoping that someday I'll run and not die! Something to push for, I guess. After the treadmill, I did some of those ab exercises I posted the link to the other day. I kind of just did a bit of a pick and choose. I tried to avoid ones with weights for today, although I did do the toe touch. I also added two 30 second rounds of the plank, and my abs feel great. Seriously, if you haven't already, try them out. You won't regret it!

After my post yesterday, I had a total meltdown moment. You know, crying, laughing. The whole bit. Perhaps you're wondering why? I'll tell you, but don't laugh!

I walked by one of my full-length mirrors with the lights off, and I actually had to double back because I couldn't believe the person I glimpsed was me.

Let me explain. In my room, I have a full-length mirror on the back of my bathroom door. It's the one I use to get dressed. But at the foot of my bed, there's another mirror, on top of a dresser. I don't usually look in that one because the lighting is bad, and I have a hard time angling the mirror so I can see myself. But I usually scope out my side view as I leave my room to make sure everything looks right. I haven't been doing that much lately, because I'm usually in workout gear or my work uniform. But I caught a glimpse of myself in my (tight) workout gear yesterday, and I stopped and cried. I couldn't believe the difference in my body. I mean, I've seen some inches lost. But looking straight on at your body all the time makes it hard to see the changes. And it just made me really happy. I know I still have a long way to go. But seeing progress is great!

In diet-related news, my mom and I start the 17 Day Diet on Monday. She thinks she's insulin resistant, and I'm pretty sure I must be too. So we're going on a sugar detox with the diet. It should be interesting, lots of people see great weight loss in the first 17 day cycle.

That's all for me today, folks. Have a great night!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day Seventeen: Food Hangover and Tough Supersets

Hello one and all! Last night, I learned a very valuable lesson. Well, I should say this morning, because I woke up with a food hangover! I went pretty wild last night. I had chicken strips and fries (I ate two strips and half the fries, so not terrible) and some popcorn (which I only ate a couple handfuls of). So relatively speaking, not awful, right? Wrong! I woke up feeling so sluggish and lazy. It took me an hour and a half to get to working out! I had to push really hard through my weights today. It was rough! So I definitely learned my lesson for sure!

In other news, Sunday is my progress post! I'll include weight loss (including my starting and current weight), measurements (starting, current, and total lost) as well as progress photos so we can scope out my shrinking act! So stay tuned for that.

Also, my mom and I are contemplating trying the 17 Day Diet together. I read the ebook yesterday, and it was interesting. It seems quite similar to clean eating to me, except you get more protein. I'll keep you posted on that!

Time for a protein shake and some Food Network watching. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day Sixteen: Hitting the Wall and Busting Through it Hardcore

Hello one and all! So today was Week 3, Day 1 of my Couch to 5k training program. Today, I had to run for three minutes straight, which doesn't seem like much, but it's twice the length of time I've run before. Holy cow. I didn't think I'd hit a wall until I had to run five minutes or more at a time, and today I hit the wall immediately after my first three minute run. I was tired. I was out of breath. And I honestly didn't think I could do it. I was ready to give up. And I came real close. But then it hit me...

I haven't come this far for nothing. Two weeks ago, I could hardly run a minute at a time, and now here I am, running three minutes at a time.

Some days I feel embarrassed about how little I can do. But then I realize that when I started, I couldn't even consider doing what I'm doing now. So I just repeated my apparent running mantra:

I am strong. I can do this. Change won't come by coasting. I have to push myself every single day.

I sound like a bad motivation book, but honestly, it really helps me to focus on my progress. Anyway, I'm just having my protein shake and relaxing while I watch Iron Chef America. Definitely one of my favorite shows. And tonight... Playoff game! I can't wait. So exciting! And again, many thanks to my Moey and Papa!

Have a great night, everyone!

EDIT: Check out these awesome ab moves! I tried a couple, and they are wicked hard! I've decided I want to be able to do The Wicked Wiper. Scope the moves out here:

Monday, 26 March 2012

Day Fifteen: Doubling up on Supersets and Other Exercises

Hello one and all! So today was a weights day. I decided to double up on my supersets. Holy cow, hard work! You're probably wondering why I decided to double up. I have a confession...

I weighed and measured myself today.

Why? Because I am the kind of person who has to have results. I need to know how I'm doing, or my motivation goes kaput. Seriously. I can go from being crazy excited and focused to done exercising forever if I don't see the results that will keep me going. Perhaps you're wondering what I discovered. What did I lose? Where did I lose most? Well, I've decided to stick to my original plan of posting my results every three weeks, as well as progress photos, if I can figure that out...

In addition to doubling up on my supersets, I also decided to add some extra exercises for my trouble zones (being my inner thighs and my stomach). Because I work my abs on the same days I run, I only added inner thigh exercises. Well, in addition to the extra leg exercises I already added to my supersets, being calf raises and side lying leg raises with a weighted bar. Hard stuff! If you wanna blast your inner thighs, give those a try!

Anyways, ladies and gents, that's all for me. I'm waiting around to get ready for work, late shift tonight. Oh well. I'm just gonna drink my protein shake and relax. Have a great day!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day Fourteen: Day Off and Cheating

Hello one and all! So because today is Sunday,mi had a cheat meal. And, all things considered, I think this was pretty tame! I had half of a steak, eight baby potato halves, asparagus and some beets. And for dessert, lemon meringue pie with a graham cracker crust. I also walked to the grocery store with my brothers to get milk and dish soap, and I had to walk at a pretty good clip to keep up with them! My legs are so short, I was taking two steps every one they took. The joys of being short...

I decided not to go overboard on this cheat meal because I really want to have popcorn and a hotdog at the game on Tuesday. It's the last time Dan and I will see a game here, because we're moving to Calgary this summer. It's bittersweet. But I just want to do all that one last time. I've already decided that I'll do a little extra on Tuesday to make up for it. Tuesday is supposed to just be running and abs, but I decided I'll do yoga too. Get a little extra burn. Maybe I'll walk extra too. I just hope it doesn't mess me up too bad!

That's all for me, ladies and gentlemen. Have a great night!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day Thirteen: Running and Distraction

Hello one and all! I'm writing this post as I'm still sweaty from my run and the subsequent planks and stretches. Even though I've done this exact run two times before today, I had to dig deep to finish it. Why is that? I think it's the fact that I was really distracted today.

I have something really excellent on my mind that I won't share until I'm sure, but it's incredibly exciting to me. Also, courtesy of my amazing Moey and Papaduo, Dan and I have playoff tickets! First game is Tuesday night, and I really cannot wait. I was also thinking about my stupid KP. After researching the crap out of it, I settled on a plan of attack, and picked up all the necessary items. I can't wait to start, because I want to show off my arms and legs (and the hard work I'm doing)! So I was all concerned about that too.

I'm one of those people who works best when I'm focused. My body is so uncooperative if I can't be bothered to tune in to myself. And honestly, I want to have that connection between my mind and body. I want to feel the lows and ride them out. I want to feel the highs and love them.

There's my thoughts today! Have a safe and happy Saturday!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Day Twelve: Supersets Again

Hello one and all! Mot much to say today. I did my supersets before I went to work, and could I ever feel it! But I was really energetic this morning. It wore off around four thirty. Then I was just exhausted! Maybe I'm an afternoon workout kind of girl.

In unrelated news, I've noticed since I started sweating daily, my keratosis pilarus (red bumps on my arms and legs) has gotten worse. What a bummer! I'm going to try to get that all sorted.

Night everybody!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day Eleven: Running and Pampering

Hello one and all! Today was another running day. I accidentally messed up my intervals today. Instead of alternating between 5 MPH and 6 MPH like I have been, I did three consecutive running intervals at 6 MPH. Which seems like no big deal, because that is a decent jog pace for most people. For people my height, you're barely jogging at 6 MPH. You're almost running. Oh well. No wonder I thought I was dying!

Today, I decided to be nice to myself. My body has been w.orking hard, and I have been slacking off in taking care of myself. You should see my brows-yikes!!! Anyways. Today I did a detoxifying clay mask, a pore unclogging strip on my nose, and I actually massaged my lotion right in to my face and neck instead of doing it halfway and lazy like I usually do. I also gave myself a soft pink manicure, and I painted my toenails a gorgeous sparkly red.

I think it's important to take that kind of time for yourself, and I'm glad I did today!

That's it for me, folks, have a great night!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day Ten: Lack of Sleep and Weights

Hello one and all! So today I had to get up for work at four AM. Which is normally totally okay for me, except I just couldn't sleep last night. I was just really restless, and I couldn't turn my brain off. I hate nights like that, especially because I seem to only have them when I need to get up early. So I came home from work, had a snack, drained my iPad battery, drained my phone battery, finished a book, and found a couple new exercises to try. I mean routines, like circuits and supersets. I'm really loving supersets though. I like the time crunch! I feel like I don't have to schedule time to work out this way. Anyway, after I did all that, I finally managed to doze off (earplugs in and sleep mask on).

I did add two extra exercises (one superset) to my work out today. Calf raises, one leg at a time, holding a dumbbell behind my back, and little leg lifts lying on my side with a weighted bar. I feel great now! Wide awake. And I had a great protein shake. I really had a hankering for something sweet, so instead of ruining my food day, I made my shake with half chocolate milk and half low fat soy milk. It definitely hit the spot! Took my sugar craving right away. And I reheated one of the clean pancakes for breakfast, topped with Greek yogurt and berries. So good! So they do reheat well. Here's the link:

So give them a shot if that's something you would be interested in trying! Have a great night, folks!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day Nine: Music and Motivation

Hello one and all! Today was another running day. Also known as another day to make me feel discouraged. But today, I managed to turn that around. I made the decision to continue mixing up my speeds in intervals with my running. And today, that was really hard. I was feeling really down because I was just disappointed with my overall fitness level. I mean, I'm doing walk/jog intervals, and finding them pretty hard. That isn't something that I should be worrying about at my age. So I was running my intervals and getting really hard on myself in my mind. I won't lie, I dropped the fat bomb on myself a few times. And then, I had this crazy epiphany. This insane moment of total clarity. And it occurred to me:

Our bodies are capable of so many things. I can't keep thinking about this progress I'm making as something that isn't good enough. Instead, I need to constantly seek improvement, and never give up on pushing my limits.

There's my inspirational thought for the day. On a food note, I finally made my clean pancakes, and I had one for breakfast! I topped it with Greek yogurt and thawed berries, and it was actually pretty good. It'll be a nice change of pace! That's all for me today, folks.

Edit: I forgot to talk about the music and motivation part! So, the thing is, I love music. I'm always singing something! And the song of my weight loss journey so far has been the Benny Benassi remix of Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine. Seriously, if you haven't heard it, give it a real good listen. I love the original too, but the remix is good treadmill motivation music. And yes, I know that the song is about heartbreak and a failed relationship (I think), but to me, it's about what I'm doing right now. I mean, a failed relationship and heartbreak isn't relevant to me right now. I'm in a long term relationship with one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He's my better half, my best friend, and all that gross squishy stuff. Seriously. And while I have been heartbroken, that part of my life is so far from me now that that aspect of the song doesn't matter to me at all. What matters to me is that I'm choosing to interpret it in a way that is relevant to me. So I choose to look at it as a song about my issues with food. My issues and insecurities with my body. But at the end of the song, I always feel hope. My body will change, and so will my life and the way I feel about myself.

Have an excellent Tuesday!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Day Eight: Super Sets and Food Prep

Hello again, one and all! Back to working out today. I did total body super sets today, and what a workout that was! Hard stuff, but I feel great now. Last night's cheat meal was delicious. I had a burger loaded up with great stuff: mustard, barbeque sauce, pickles, extra old cheddar, lettuce, a hot dog, and some mushrooms and onions. Plus my french fries! They were delicious. I also had a hankering for ice cream, so Dan and I went to Dairy Queen and got a Blizzard for me (cookie dough and Smarties) and a chocolate shake for him. Plus a mint Oreo Blizzard for my dad. I couldn't even finish my Blizzard. It was great the first few bites, then it was just a really sweet, sticky mess. I think for my next cheat meal I'll avoid ice cream and have something else instead.

Blogging early again today, it isn't even noon yet. But I have things to do today! I forgot to mention that I actually did make the frozen "yogurt" on Saturday. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells good! Today, I'm making steel cut oats for me and momba to have for breakfast, and I'm finally going to try clean pancake making. Good stuff! Then Dan and I are hanging out after he gets off work. Probably going to play more Mario Party 9, because Dan is amazing and he bought it yesterday. It's actually really fun, and finally something different from all the other 8. For anyone who doesn't know, Mario Party is one of my favorite games ever. We had MP 2 and 3 for the N64, and I think we have MP 6 for the Game Cube, and now MP 8 and 9 for the Wii. I can't believe I've never been able to find MP 1, though I've played it before. Maybe I'll look for it....

That's it for me, happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day Seven: Energy and Cheat Meal

Hello one and all! So today is Sunday, which means I have a day off from working out. Which feels kind of strange, I like the energy boost I get post-workout. But it's important to have a day of rest, right?

Even though I won't be working out today, I'm still feeling energetic. It's so nice! I feel like I can go from sun up to sun down and get everything I need to get done and still have energy to spare. It's an incredible feeling, and this is only a week in!

So today, I decided to allow myself one cheat meal instead of cheat eating all day. It's going to be dinner. We're having a barbeque! Burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and my favorite indulgence of the day: French fries! I love potatoes. I think they're so versatile for cooking. Although I won't get to have them too terifically often anymore. But I'm actually okay with that. It's worth it if I'll feel like this every day.

Also, this is totally unrelated to anything about clean eating, but my mom gave me her old iPad! I guess that's on my mind because I wanted to practice typing on it, so this is my first post from it! Cool beans. I'm typing a fraction of the speed I normally do, because while my phone is touch screen, it's a Samsung Galaxy with Swype, so I don't actually type out anything unless it's not in my dictionary.

That's all for now, folks, have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day Six: Mixing It Up

Hello one and all! So today (even though it isn't even three o'clock) I thought I'd blog early! I mean, Dan and I have another hockey game to go to tonight (so spoiled), so why not blog while I have time? Anyways, on to the mixing it up bit!
So when I did my run today, I followed the advice my dad gave my mom yesterday: to mix up the speed at which she runs when she's doing her intervals. So I alternated between my usual 5 MPH and 6 MPH for my running intervals, and six was hard. My legs were jelly by the time I finished! And I will admit I had to pep talk myself after probably the second or third interval... And especially on the last two! But I made it through, and that made me feel really... Accomplished. Obviously, I shouldn't be feeling too self-satisfied, because I've still got a long ways to go. But I can't help but feel that I'm definitely on the right track. And that makes me feel awesome.

Today I'm thinking I'm going to take a stab at some clean eating pancakes, just to mix things up. I picked up the last things I needed, so hopefully they turn out okay (and ideally they'll freeze well). If I have time, I was thinking I would try making some clean frozen "yogurt." Which isn't actually yogurt at all, it's soy! So maybe if I do everything right I'll post my first food picture.

Anyways, have an excellent St Paddy's Day everyone, and be safe!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Day Five: Tons of Energy

Hello one and all! Today I had a pretty early morning. I was up at 5:30 to get ready for work. But something hit me probably at about 6 tonight. Usually, I'd have to have a nap in the middle of the day after such an early morning when I was eating like complete crap. But today, I've just been going non-stop all day. I was feeling a little lazy this afternoon, then I did my weights, and just like that, I was full of energy again. And I still am, at 9:50 tonight, even knowing that my alarm will be going off at 4 tomorrow morning. I should get to sleep soon...

I did want to share one other thing. Today, while I was having a mini family dinner with my momba and my dadder, my dadder asked me how I was feeling. I was a little confused, so I just stared at him. Then my momba jumped in and asked if I had more energy lately. I replied that I was feeling really energetic, so energetic that I felt like I could just get stuff done all night. And then my parents dispensed some very valuable wisdom that I seem to have forgotten about:

Don't get too focused on the numbers, with weights and measurements. Concentrate on how you feel, and the rest will come.

And here I was thinking they were just a couple of old fogies! That's it for me all, good night!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day Four: Another Run

Hello one and all! So today was my second day running, and it was okay. I was crazy thirsty though! Very strange. I drank so much water on the treadmill. Oh well, can't be bad, right? I mean, with how much I was sweating and all, haha. Anyways.

So I noticed that my abs were less sore today, which makes me somewhat pleased. I'm hoping that means I'm making a tiny bit of progress! Although my butt is sore, courtesy of squats and lunges.

In other news, I've been steadfastly ignoring the tape measure and the scale. I always weigh/measure myself too soon, and I get really discouraged when I don't see the changes I was hoping for. Within a week. Which makes no sense. And while I'm totally aware of the fact that it's illogical, I still can't help but feel really bummed out. And it makes me think,

Why am I doing this if nothing is happening?

So I just have to remember to tell myself that I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do for my body and my health. I'm doing this because I want to feel good again. I'm doing this because I want to look good again.

I think that's about it for me tonight, folks. Have a good one!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day Three: Recipes & Variety

Hello one and all! So after I posted yesterday, I spent most of the night looking up clean recipes. You know, things like comfort foods made clean, desserts, pasta dishes, etc. In short, things I love to eat. I found a lot of good stuff! It was really nice to see that I can clean up recipes and still enjoy them. I found one recipe in particular I can't wait to try, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows of my love of baking: lemon meringue cupcakes! They look divine, although I'm sure mine will look nowhere that good. But I'll still give them a shot!

Still on the subject of food, lots of good things were had today. Steel cut oats again for breakfast, with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries! This time, instead of a hard boiled egg, I scrambled one egg and two egg whites, then cracked a bunch of fresh pepper on top. Tasty stuff! For my afternoon snack, I had a handful of grapes and some almonds. For lunch, a chicken wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with a bunch of mixed greens, a single (TINY) pickle, and a bit of brown rice. It was okay, I've never been much of a salad person. Then after my workout, I had a chocolate-peanut butter-banana protein shake, in the cute new tumbler I got from work. For dinner, I had a delicious beef stew, with a couple potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, and peas. And whole wheat biscuits. I had one and a half, not the one I was supposed to. But they were so good, I couldn't just have one. And at least I didn't eat six like I usually would...

Dan and I went to a hockey game tonight. It was really fun, we actually won! But there was a lot of junk food around us. Popcorn, pizza, french fries... Although I noticed that that stuff kind of smelled sour after. The smell just lingered. Maybe it was just crappy arena food? Who knows. Oh well.

Workout today went okay. Did more push ups, although I still couldn't manage the decline push ups. Instead of pep talking myself today, I cursed relentlessly at Tony Horton. That's it for me tonight, though.

Good night to all!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day Two: I Hate Having to Pee a MILLION Times a Day.

Hello everyone!

So today was day two, which meant only one thing to me: I had to run today. I'm doing the Couch to 5k program, which I've started a couple times before. Let me tell you, if you're like me and you fail at cardio of any kind, this is the way to go! Which brings me to a related point...

I absolutely loathe running. I hate how out of shape it makes me feel. I have never been a runner in the whole of my life. When we used to have to run to "warm up" in PE, that killed me. Cardio has never been my friend. And it was embarrassing, because I was skinny-fat. I looked like I could handle running, but just a lap in the gym got me breathing hard. I struggled through PE until high school, when I took Dance instead. That was okay. Some of the core strength stuff we did left me wanting to puke, and I was a hugely uncoordinated spaz, but I kind of struggled through everything regardless.

Even though I hate running because it makes me feel so fat, it's always been something that I wished I could do. I've always wanted to experience that "runner's high." It seems like it would be so relaxing. And easy to think. While your body pounds out a familiar rhythm, your mind is free to wander. But maybe it's just me. I hope I get to that point some day; for now when I run I give myself a mental pep talk:

You can do this. You are stronger than you think. Don't give up on yourself.

You know what else sucks? Having to pee a million times a day. I'm doing my best to drink all the water I'm supposed to, and my bladder is not used to it at all! Oh well. I'll adjust soon enough.

Anyways, this is a bit of an early post, but that's okay. I mean, I haven't had dinner yet, but I can assure you it will be clean! My mom is really good about helping me with that stuff. So have a good night, one and all!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Day One: Good Eats and Lots of Sweat.

Hello one and all! So today was day one of eating clean and exercising. My original intention was to alternate weights and cardio six days a week. Cardio was (and still is) training for a 5k run. Weights was supposed to be alternating upper body, full body, and lower body super sets. Instead of doing super sets this morning, I sweated along with Tony Horton in the Sculpt 3/4 DVD from the P90 program. It was hard!

The very first move had me feeling completely discouraged. A decline push up. I couldn't even do one, getting down as low as Tony was telling me to. I was feeling really bummed out. Then I realized that I was starting on Sculpt 3/4, not Sculpt 1/2. I didn't have a chance to build up my strength and whatnot like most people following the program would. So I stopped beating myself up, and I got down on the floor and did some push ups. Knees on the ground, but still. I did some push ups!

I pushed through the entire workout. But I made sure to know my limits. Although once or twice I definitely did pick up weights that were way too heavy. But I corrected that pretty quickly!

My eating was pretty good today. Breakfast: Steel cut oats with thawed strawberries (and their juice, yum) with a hardboiled egg and two big glasses of water (equal to one litre, I measured). For a post-workout snack I had some frozen red grapes and another big glass of water (two cups right there). For lunch, I had a mixed green salad with cut up chicken and a balsamic vinaigrette and another big glass of water (another two cups). For an afternoon snack, I had twelve almonds and a small Granny Smith apple with peanut butter. For dinner, I had half a chicken breast, sweet potatoes roasted with cinnamon and a pinch of brown sugar, and broccoli and baby tomatoes steamed with oregano and basil. With dinner, I didn't have water. I had a small glass of 1% milk. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good today!

Something not so good today: I decided to weigh myself, do my measurements, and take some pictures to compare my progress to. Everything in that regard was awful. I cried a lot, wondering how I let everything get so out of control. Lucky for me, I had my amazing boyfriend Dan to help pick up the pieces! I'm so glad to have such a great person in my life. He always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. Even when I've squished myself into a bikini that barely holds the girls in, when I look like a stuffed sausage with tiny stubby legs, he tells me that I'm beautiful, and I always will be. Talk about a great guy! So I got him to take the pictures for me. And to bring myself out of meltdown mode, I kept telling myself:

You are not trapped in this body. You will not always look like this. You're taking steps in a great direction.

That thought definitely helped calm me down. So now, to bed. I have a really early wake up tomorrow morning for work. After work, the running begins!

Have a fantastic night, everybody!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Introduction: The Day Before I Change My Life!

Hello one and all! Before my journey really starts, I thought it would be nice I started this blog off by introducing myself, and letting everyone get to know a bit about me. So, here we go!

My name is Erin! I'm a 22 year old girl living in beautiful British Columbia. I'm five foot one, and my life needs a change! At 22, I'm a complete carb, sugar, fat, and salt junkie. If it's bad for you, there's a 99.9% chance that I will eat it and love it. Anything, seriously. You name it. I love chocolate, chips, candies, burgers, deep-fried anything, cheese, pasta, cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes... This is no good for me, because I also love to bake!

About a month and a half ago, my mom and I started eating clean and exercising. We decided to start running, doing a Couch to 5k kind of program. On alternate days, we would also cycle and do resistance band exercises. We were eating clean with a cheat day a week. Well, I was. My mom had cheat meals. I liked the day format better! Anyways. So, for about two weeks, everything was awesome. I lost weight and inches almost immediately. In a week, I lost two inches off my waist. It was great!

Then my mom went back to Alberta for a family emergency. I tried to keep going without her, but it was so stressful and we were all so worried about her that everything just kind of... Fell by the wayside. I did run for the week she was gone, but I didn't eat anything that could be considered healthy AT ALL. I was cooking for three guys (my dad and two brothers) and I just caved in and ate what I made them. So, fast-forward to now: I've gained back all the weight (and then some). I feel tired and lethargic all the time.

A week ago, I decided that I am the kind of person who needs definite structure. I decided to make myself tables and charts and pages of exercises to do. I researched exercises, cardio, how to work my abs without hurting my back, everything. I've spent hours looking at clean eating recipes. I've spent hours looking up food substitutions-I'm a bit of a picky eater. I hate cucumbers, zucchini, raw tomatoes (I'll eat them cooked), raw peppers (I don't like them much better cooked, but I like the colour), watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, eggplant, and more things than I can even come up with off the top of my head. While I'm a picky eater, I'll try anything once!

That's all for tonight, I think. So read on, and see how my journey unfolds!