Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 42: Going Back with my Runs & Weights

Hello one and all! Today I did a split workout. I don't mean I'm the typical sense. I just worked my legs this morning, then my arms and abs tonight after work. I feel a bit better today. Still a big headache. But tomorrow is results day! I'm really excited to see how things have continued to change. On a bit of a "bummer" note, I sought advice about my running times (not being able to run the full amount I'm supposed to) from a runners forum, and it looks like I'll be repeating Saturday's run until I can do it before moving on. While it sucks, I'm okay with that. I would repeat the run before, but the fact that I ran twenty minutes Saturday makes me think it's unnecessary. It's lame though! I've been working so hard, this kind of feels like a step back. I feel like it'll be better in the long run though. If I'm going to continue with running, I need to get serious. And even though while I'm running sometimes, I'm totally miserable, running makes me feel awesome. I get this sense of accomplishment when I make it through a tough run! I don't get that with weights as much. So I'm going to definitely try to stick with it. Also running related, my dad thinks I should up my speed. I researched and asked again online, and the overwhelming response was to keep it slow until I have built up endurance. So I think I'm going to hit the point where I can run 3 miles (36 minutes) and work on my speed from there. If I do it at all. For me, distance and endurance are more important than speed. But maybe I'll reach a point where I want to race. Then speeds will be most important! All for tonight, folks. Stay tuned for results tomorrow!

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