Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 37: Running Through a Sucker Punch, Courtesy of Mother Nature

Hello one and all! I've been feeling absolutely disgusting all day. My throat is sore, my nose is extra plugged up, my back hurts, I have the really bad cramps painkillers can't fix, and I'm so nauseous sitting up is difficult. In short, Mother Nature really hates me this week. But! That's no excuse to not work out,mot me anyways!

I gave up on sleeping it all off and dragged myself onto the treadmill. A minute in to my second running repetition, the cramps hit hard. I didn't know whether to pass out, throw up, or do both. Oh joyful day, how I love being a woman. Anyways. As I was trying not to be sick, I made a decision. Cramps or no cramps, I was going to finish this run no matter what. And I did just that. The cramps have now lessened in severity, and I feel content in flipping Mother Nature the bird and saying,
"You can't stop me now!"

Have a great night, folks!

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