Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 44: New Personal Best!

Hello one and all! Today, I decided to go back and do one of the runs that bested me before. I started with the two mile run for obvious reasons. And guess what? I made it. 24 minutes of nonstop running. A new personal best! And I learned something new as well, after realizing that my wind wasn't so terrible I was going to die and that my legs were not jelly. It was all in my head! Even though I've been trying to work on the way I think, I had myself convinced that I couldn't run two miles. But obviously, I could. I hit the wall about ten minutes in. I had covered the time and the distance display on the treadmill to allow myself to really hone in on how I was feeling. And once I had to look, I hit the wall. I was telling myself that if I just ran 20 minutes instead of two miles, that was still good. But you know what? It wouldn't have been good enough, because I ran 21 minutes on Saturday. So I had to dig deep. There was a lot of mental recitation of my favorite inspirational quotes that I posted by my mirror.
Dig deep. Push harder. You're stronger than you know. Remember why you started. Your only limits are self-imposed. Quitting is not an option.
It really helped me out. I was pep talking myself like you wouldn't believe, but I made it. And I'm damn proud! Have a great day, everybody!

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