Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 39: Exciting News and Personal Victory

Hello one and all! Today was a running day, and I did something I've never done before! Today, I ran two miles! I had to stop between miles for a pee break, but that was the only break I took, and it was short. But I ran two miles! So excited, and hormonal, that I cried after. I'm getting teary again thinking about it!

Some more exciting news! I realized that my favourite bras were too big, and hanging away from my body near the top of the cup, so I tried on a cup size smaller (from a DD to a D) and they fit! So I'm no longer a DD. I'm back to being a single D! My goal (no time limit) is to be back in a C cup. My boobs were so perky then. Plus, you get much cuter bras in a C than you do in anything bigger. I'm just overall really excited, I apologize for harping on about my boobs. But this is a definite victory! 

In other news, my Momba commented last night that my back is much less... back fatty. Yay! Now, hopefully my thighs and hips take the hint and start their vanishing act!

I have also noticed a definite improvement in my KP since I stopped using coconut oil. It made my skin soft, but I think it was just too heavy for my skin. My skin is dry, but it really doesn't absorb too much in the way of moisture. I switched to using Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash (in pink grapefruit, because it doesn't smell like medicine) every other day, and Dove Cream Oil Body Wash every day. I'm thrilled with the results! I still have bumps, but they're much better.

But I did notice another annoyance last night-stretch marks! I was trying to take a picture of my calf "muscles" to show you that I almost have muscles in my calves, and when I was looking at the pictures, I noticed stretch marks on the backs of my calves. Such a bummer. I couldn't post the pictures, because the flash made me just... Glow. I'm so insanely pale. Also pale-related, running on the treadmill this morning, there was a bit of sun hitting the treadmill, and every time it hit my leg I was blinded. Oh well, at least I won't get cancer and sun damage and wrinkles!

All for today, folks. OH! Wait, it's not! Instead of doing a results post on Sunday, which is the last day of my cycle (read: I'll still be bloated and retaining water weight) I'm going to post results on Monday. They'll be more accurate this way, since now that my period is in full swing, I've "gained" four pounds. Irritating, my friends. Very irritating. I'm also taking a day off Monday because this week's desired cheat meal is Lord Chumley's fish & chips. Oooh yeah. I'm drooling thinking about it! So I'll do weights on Sunday, take Monday off, and be back to running on Tuesday. So, bit of a change, but it's explained!

Anyways, happy Thursday!

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