Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 73: Hey, I Remembered!

Hello one and all! I just finished my run, so I'm having breakfast all sweaty now. Delicious imagery, no? I discovered I was wrong about soreness today from that new thigh work yesterday. My thighs and glutes definitely feel it today! Which is good, I like knowing I worked hard. Although my run was a little rough, admittedly. Worth it! I hope I get good results from this thigh work so I can share it with you guys! I know I owe you a results post, but there's really nothing new. I don't thik I've lost any weight, nor any inches. Bummer! I hit a plateau faster than I had originally anticipated, so I've got to train harder and eat better. More on that later, haha, I've been so moody lately and my cravings are out of control.

Happy Wednesday, folks!

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