Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 58: Sweating like Crazy and my Last Run Until Next Week

Hello one and all! Today was running again. I read an interesting tip in a running magazine last night (I don't remember which) that said beginner runners should tell themselves they'll just run for a few minutes instead of dreading their run. So I tried that, albeit in an altered fashion: I told myself I'd run for five minutes. Then six. Then ten. Then twelve (a mile). Then I told myself I'd run for 14. Then 15. Then 18 (a mile and a half). Iende up running twenty nonstop before I quit. Only four more and I would have done two miles! Oh well. The trick stopped working at that point anyways :)

So, I'll most likely not be blogging while Dan and I are in Calgary. We leave extra early Thursday morning, and we'll be back late Sunday afternoon/evening. I won't be running, but we will be going for walks, and I'm still going to try to do my strength training! I'm also packing food for us, since I got us a room with a fridge. I mostly concerned about eating clean for breakfast, snacks and lunch, because I know that there are places Dan wants to take me for dinner, as well as a dinner night with Mick, Dan's dad. So I'm going to eat as well as I can at those dinners, but there will definitely be a cheat night or two in there. Maybe three, who knows? We're going to check out this place called Tubby's Dogs. It was on "You Gotta Eat Here," which, as you may know, is on the Food Network, so that means I love it. Very excited! I'll take pictures of what I'm eating so you can drool over it. I'll also post a list of what I'm packing (do recall that it is forDan and I, not just me).

All for now, kids! Have a great night!

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