Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 72: I'm Starting To See a Pattern Emerging Here...

Hello one and all! Yes, I'm a terrible person. I forgot again. I need to stick up reminders or something. I'm sorry!

I tried a new workout to help slim my thunder thighs down. At first, I was very unimpressed. "My legs don't even feel tired!" Now, a couple hours later, they sure do! Good stuff. It probably won't translate into soreness for my run tomorrow, which is good. Trying to remember to do my abs too. I just did 3 30 second planks. I might do side plank ups before bed. I absolutely loathe working my abs. They're so weak, I feel like I'll never have any kind of enviable abs. That's where abs work comes in, right? Blah.

I'll try harder, I promise! Have a good one, folks.

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