Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 56 & 57: Holy Sh!t I Forgot to Post Yesterday!

Hello one and all! So sorry I forgot to post yesterday. I guess after my run and everything, it totally slipped my mind. Sorry!

So I ran yesterday. I decided to ease back in a bit, and ran a mile, walked three minutes, and ran another mile. Physically not bad. Should have focused on my breathing more. Mentally, so hard! I was ready to quit a hundred times over. But I did it. And my legs were total jelly after. Definitely learned my lesson about overdoing it with the running!

So today, I have to do weights. I'll get around to them, but I think I need a nap. I slept so little last night, I might as well have stayed up all night. I'm about ready to keel over! Something else to dislike about early shifts: they completely bugger up my eating. Because I have breakfast at five, I eat a second snack at 8:30 when I get a break. Which means at 11:30 when I get home I have lunch. Then I have another snack around one thirty. Then dinner at five. Then I'm hungry again at eight. Although I'm hungry pretty much all day, so I'd eat more if I was. Like today, I'm starving. Hollow day or what?

So I'll get around to my weights, mountain climbers and all. Just thought I'd post before I forgot again, oops! Have a great night, folks!

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