Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 55-Weights

Hello one and all! I was thinking today about how my mom was making fun of me about my typos, and here's the truth: when I post on my iPad, I make a gazillion mistakes. Seriously. So, when you see an error in my post, that's me saying, "DONE. Not fixing any more of these damn things!" I do notice most of them immediately upon posting, but I'm just lazy :)

So it was back to weights today. I decided to be adventurous and up my weights for my chest press, AND I tried twisting mountain climbers for the first time. Those were FUN. And they sure felt effective! Maybe my arms were tired from all the work I did on them before, but my arms were shaking when I was in the push up position. Good times. I can tell my abs got a good workout too. I did targeted ab work today, but I also decided to really concentrate on my core in every movement I did, from push ups to squats to hammer curls. Also, my butt is sore. And my legs are tired. You know what that means?

I had an excellent weights day today.

Booyeah! Happy Saturday, folks, be safe!

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