Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 65: I Forgot Again and I'm Sick Again!

Hello one and all! I fail at blogging. The fast yesterday went well. I wasn't starving, yay! Although my blood sugar did crash once. So I had a piece of sugar free gum. I didn't make it through my run though. Courtesy of my blood sugar, grr! But that's okay. I'm glad I stopped. I was home alone. And what if something had happened? That would not have been good.

So I decided to split up my legs and arms weight routines. I'll do glute, thighs, calves and abs on non running days, and shoulders, biceps, triceps and back on running days. I think it'll be a better way to go for me. I'll run in the morning if I can and do weights at night.

So today I did my lower body and ab stuff, and my legs and butt are feeling a bit like jelly! My abs are okay is. I got a good stretch in. I hope this new routine is good! I want my butt to be smaller, but better shaped and less... Saggy, really. So there we go, it's all about goals, people!

All for me! Have a great night!

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