Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day Twenty: Looking Forward to Tomorrow's Cheat

Hello one and all! I just dragged my sweaty butt off the treadmill and out of our "exercise room" post ab workout and stretch. And today was crazy hard. I'm exhausted, I got up at 4 AM for work. Then I came home, and ran around town for a few hours with my parents. I can say completely honestly that I was seriously considering skipping this workout. After all, I kept telling myself, one day is one day, right? Well, for some people I'm sure that is a workable mentality. I really don't think it would be for me though. I mean, I've been there before. I think I just need a day off, then one day becomes two, then three, then a week, and then that's it for my diet and exercise. I don't want to do that to myself again. So I pushed through anyways.

And I feel better now! I think I'll have enough energy to last me until an early bedtime. So it's worth it there, right?

So tomorrow... I will be posting my three week results! Crazy, right? Can't believe it's been three weeks already, even blogging every day it just flew by. Also, I don't want to make you jealous, but I'm having flippin prime rib for dinner tomorrow. Aww yeah. We shopped for most of the 17 Day Diet stuff we need too. Chicken, egg whites, Greek yogurt, tons of vegetables, a bit of fruit... It really doesn't seem so bad. And if it gets my blood sugar under control, I'm all over it.

That's all for today, happy Saturday, kids!

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