Friday, 30 March 2012

Day Nineteen: Protein Shakes and Great Tunes

Hello one and all! Today was back to supersets. Good times! I added another set of calf exercises to this workout, because I want to see some definition in those puppies! I'd love to have legs that look toned and lean in heels. For now, I just look taller! Which isn't a bad thing either. I also decided that I would very much like a jump rope. I like to mix up my warm ups on weight days, and I think jumping rope would be a great warm up. Plus, it's great for your calves!

Today I decided to mix things up and listen to something that wasn't my exercise playlist. Today's album choice: Ceremonials by Florence + the Machine. Great music to lift weights to! I really enjoyed that part. Plus I am in love with Florence Welch's voice. I heard a rumor that Florence + the Machine are possibly first up in the return of Unplugged on MTV. If that's true, maybe there's hope for MTV after all!

In diet related news, I scoped out a bunch of recipes for the 17 Day Diet last night. I think I can do it. And with mom helping me, it'll be much easier. Sometimes I kind of flounder around on what I can eat. I find it hard to be creative without making a decadent cheese sauce... I'll have to work on that! So we're probably food shopping tomorrow or Sunday, and probably prepping food on Monday. I really like the idea of freezing a bunch of meals. It seems so convenient!

And only two more days until I post some horrifying pictures and embarrassing measurements and weights! So continue to stay tuned for that, friends. Happy Friday!

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