Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day Two: I Hate Having to Pee a MILLION Times a Day.

Hello everyone!

So today was day two, which meant only one thing to me: I had to run today. I'm doing the Couch to 5k program, which I've started a couple times before. Let me tell you, if you're like me and you fail at cardio of any kind, this is the way to go! Which brings me to a related point...

I absolutely loathe running. I hate how out of shape it makes me feel. I have never been a runner in the whole of my life. When we used to have to run to "warm up" in PE, that killed me. Cardio has never been my friend. And it was embarrassing, because I was skinny-fat. I looked like I could handle running, but just a lap in the gym got me breathing hard. I struggled through PE until high school, when I took Dance instead. That was okay. Some of the core strength stuff we did left me wanting to puke, and I was a hugely uncoordinated spaz, but I kind of struggled through everything regardless.

Even though I hate running because it makes me feel so fat, it's always been something that I wished I could do. I've always wanted to experience that "runner's high." It seems like it would be so relaxing. And easy to think. While your body pounds out a familiar rhythm, your mind is free to wander. But maybe it's just me. I hope I get to that point some day; for now when I run I give myself a mental pep talk:

You can do this. You are stronger than you think. Don't give up on yourself.

You know what else sucks? Having to pee a million times a day. I'm doing my best to drink all the water I'm supposed to, and my bladder is not used to it at all! Oh well. I'll adjust soon enough.

Anyways, this is a bit of an early post, but that's okay. I mean, I haven't had dinner yet, but I can assure you it will be clean! My mom is really good about helping me with that stuff. So have a good night, one and all!

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