Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day Three: Recipes & Variety

Hello one and all! So after I posted yesterday, I spent most of the night looking up clean recipes. You know, things like comfort foods made clean, desserts, pasta dishes, etc. In short, things I love to eat. I found a lot of good stuff! It was really nice to see that I can clean up recipes and still enjoy them. I found one recipe in particular I can't wait to try, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows of my love of baking: lemon meringue cupcakes! They look divine, although I'm sure mine will look nowhere that good. But I'll still give them a shot!

Still on the subject of food, lots of good things were had today. Steel cut oats again for breakfast, with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries! This time, instead of a hard boiled egg, I scrambled one egg and two egg whites, then cracked a bunch of fresh pepper on top. Tasty stuff! For my afternoon snack, I had a handful of grapes and some almonds. For lunch, a chicken wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with a bunch of mixed greens, a single (TINY) pickle, and a bit of brown rice. It was okay, I've never been much of a salad person. Then after my workout, I had a chocolate-peanut butter-banana protein shake, in the cute new tumbler I got from work. For dinner, I had a delicious beef stew, with a couple potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, and peas. And whole wheat biscuits. I had one and a half, not the one I was supposed to. But they were so good, I couldn't just have one. And at least I didn't eat six like I usually would...

Dan and I went to a hockey game tonight. It was really fun, we actually won! But there was a lot of junk food around us. Popcorn, pizza, french fries... Although I noticed that that stuff kind of smelled sour after. The smell just lingered. Maybe it was just crappy arena food? Who knows. Oh well.

Workout today went okay. Did more push ups, although I still couldn't manage the decline push ups. Instead of pep talking myself today, I cursed relentlessly at Tony Horton. That's it for me tonight, though.

Good night to all!

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