Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day Ten: Lack of Sleep and Weights

Hello one and all! So today I had to get up for work at four AM. Which is normally totally okay for me, except I just couldn't sleep last night. I was just really restless, and I couldn't turn my brain off. I hate nights like that, especially because I seem to only have them when I need to get up early. So I came home from work, had a snack, drained my iPad battery, drained my phone battery, finished a book, and found a couple new exercises to try. I mean routines, like circuits and supersets. I'm really loving supersets though. I like the time crunch! I feel like I don't have to schedule time to work out this way. Anyway, after I did all that, I finally managed to doze off (earplugs in and sleep mask on).

I did add two extra exercises (one superset) to my work out today. Calf raises, one leg at a time, holding a dumbbell behind my back, and little leg lifts lying on my side with a weighted bar. I feel great now! Wide awake. And I had a great protein shake. I really had a hankering for something sweet, so instead of ruining my food day, I made my shake with half chocolate milk and half low fat soy milk. It definitely hit the spot! Took my sugar craving right away. And I reheated one of the clean pancakes for breakfast, topped with Greek yogurt and berries. So good! So they do reheat well. Here's the link:

So give them a shot if that's something you would be interested in trying! Have a great night, folks!

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