Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day Eleven: Running and Pampering

Hello one and all! Today was another running day. I accidentally messed up my intervals today. Instead of alternating between 5 MPH and 6 MPH like I have been, I did three consecutive running intervals at 6 MPH. Which seems like no big deal, because that is a decent jog pace for most people. For people my height, you're barely jogging at 6 MPH. You're almost running. Oh well. No wonder I thought I was dying!

Today, I decided to be nice to myself. My body has been w.orking hard, and I have been slacking off in taking care of myself. You should see my brows-yikes!!! Anyways. Today I did a detoxifying clay mask, a pore unclogging strip on my nose, and I actually massaged my lotion right in to my face and neck instead of doing it halfway and lazy like I usually do. I also gave myself a soft pink manicure, and I painted my toenails a gorgeous sparkly red.

I think it's important to take that kind of time for yourself, and I'm glad I did today!

That's it for me, folks, have a great night!

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